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General Contracting, Inc. Vail Commercial Residential
Thank you for taking the time to look further, I hope you have seen my photos and appreciate the variety of work. While you will see many new homes and additions there is a lot more that goes on behind these pictures that indicate the level of planning and understanding related issues I am a hands on builder, meaning that I will be on the job every day. Nothing is worse than a client finding that the job is unsupervised or that the builder they have hired is involved in multiple projects. I have built over 60 new homes and major additions. My projects have included. Ocean front homes involving many levels of state and local review. Custom additions tied into a historic house. Moving existing homes to attach to an addition. Experience with removal of ledge and blasting. Utilizing welded steel structures . Understanding the benefits and limitations of engineered wood beams. With my background and education as an engineer, I have full confidence working with mechanical subcontractors. I also have much experience understanding the difference between plans drawn by an Architect versus plans drawn by a designer and when one is better suited for a particular project. An experienced builder will take the bumps out of the road. Particularly when there are changes that are site driven or a changed by the client. In short there is very little difference between what lumber yards charge for their materials and how builders/general contractors price out their services. The most important component is finding a builder with a proven track record of completing a wide variety of projects on time and on budget. References are available upon request.  
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The Team
Robert Vail - Owner I hope that you will ask these critical questions before you hire me, or anyone as your contractor. I am an engineer by education having graduated from Maine Maritime Academy with a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering. I have over 25 years of experience in building new homes, additions, remodeling, restorations and renovations.
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